Waste Treatment Plant of the Western Sector of the Region of Central Macedonia

It is the largest waste management project in Greece, serving almost 65% of the population of the Region of Central Macedonia. It aims at the alignment of waste management in the Region, utilizing the most modern technologies and advanced management systems. The project will have a total capacity of 300,800 tn/year of Municipal Solid Waste of which 38,100 tn/year of pre-selected biowaste, while the treatment residues can be further used for energy. The Waste Treatment Plant will make a decisive contribution to resolving critical issues and sustainable development for the Region of Central Macedonia such as the safety and hygiene of residents, the protection of the natural environment, the enhancement of recycling by mixing or by sorting at source.

It will also contribute to the drastic reduction of the biodegradable fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), which leads to landfill, to the production of materials from waste, but also to the creation of hundreds of new job positions.

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