Implementation of the Waste Treatment Plant of the Eastern Sector of the Region of Central Macedonia

The project includes the construction of a waste treatment plant, with a capacity of 128,200 tn/year, which will process 36% of the generated mixed waste of the municipalities of Kalamaria, Pylaia-Chortiatis, Thermaikos, Thermi and 40% of the municipality of Thessaloniki, the mixed waste of the Regional Units of Halkidiki, the residues of the Recyclable Materials Sorting Centers of the Regional Units of Halkidiki and Eastern Thessaloniki (15% each) and the residues of the Bio-waste Treatment Plants of the Regional Units of Halkidiki and Eastern Thessaloniki (10% each). With the completion of the project, the operation of the landfill will change, as only the waste residue, not the total waste, will end up there, alleviating the area in terms of the environment while producing energy. Its operation will have significant benefits for the whole Region as it will drastically reduce the volume and the risk of waste to be disposed of. It will reduce the possibility of pollution of aquifers and eliminate the need for constant search for new landfills and the associated social reactions.

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