Implementation of a Waste Processing Unit in the Prefecture of Serres

The Waste Treatment Plant of the Prefecture of Serres will serve all the municipalities of the Prefecture of Serres as well as the municipality of Kilkis.

The Public Private Sector Partnership Agreement (PPP) for its construction, signed on 13/6/2017, concerns the design, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of its infrastructure and is the first PPP project that connects resources of the current programming period ( NSRF 2014-2020) with private funds. The total amount of the investment amounts to 36.2 million Euros (NSRF contribution 15.2 million €). The plant will use the technologies of mechanical recycling for the recovery of materials (plastic, metal, paper) with modern equipment such as optical separators, magnetic separators, etc. and aerobic composting of the remaining fraction, for the production of Compost Type Material. It will also receive and process pre-selected organic waste from the sorting at the source to be applied by the Municipalities (brown bin), in order to produce high quality compost suitable even for agricultural use.

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