Rehabilitation of a Sanitary Ware Land In The Municipality Of Serres At The 1st Kilometer E.o. Serres – Metochi

The closed landfill Serres is located within the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Serres in the Regional Unit of Serres. The location of the landfill is located in the NW of the city of Serres and at a distance of about 1.5Km from it. It is also about 1.5 km from the settlement of Lefkonas, and about 2.5 km from the settlement of Kato Metochi. The total area occupied by the landfill to be rehabilitated is of the order of 51.5 acres. The site started operating in 2001 (1st year of operation of the landfill) while its operation stopped on 7-10-2012 and from 8-10-2012 the waste is taken to the landfill of the Prefecture of Serres. The closure of the landfill of the Municipality of Serres was finalized in 2012 under no. 253/2013 decision of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Serres. The total population served by this landfill amounts to 87000 people.

The total amount of waste that has been disposed of at the site throughout its operation (9-7-2001 to 7-10-2012) is estimated at approximately 583,000 tn.

The technical interventions and the works that will be performed for the restoration of the study space. relate to:

  • Earthworks for landscaping and leveling of the relief
  • Final relief works for waste relief
  • Biogas management projects
  • Rainwater management projects
  • Leachate treatment projects
  • Greenery and irrigation works
  • Landfill environmental monitoring projects
  • E / M tasks
  • Other Infrastructure Projects
  • Maintenance of green works
BUDGET: € 2,621,000.00 WITH VAT
CONTRACT: € 1,991,118.63 WITH VAT

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