Addition Of A Liquid Waste Treatment Unit To The Existing Liquid Waste Treatment Unit Sma Nw Urban Construction

The total of the liquid waste to be treated at the Waste Transfer Station of SMA NW Urban Complex NW Urban Complex of N. Thessaloniki (Efkarpia), ie liquid waste resulting from the compaction of waste in the waste presses of the installed SMA presses. and machinery inside it, and the wastewater of the sanitary facilities of the Station’s operating personnel, is collected in the sewerage network and is led through a central sewerage pipe of diameter Φ200 to the existing Balancing Tank of the existing Treatment Unit.

The present project concerns the installation of a Pre-Treatment Unit for the collected waste, which will be placed before the existing Balancing Tank, in order to make the existing Liquid Waste Treatment Unit of the Waste Transfer Station (SMA) B.D. Of the Urban Complex of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki with the retention of the solids entering it, which also contain a significant pollutant load.

The connection of the sewerage network to the new Pre-treatment Unit will be made through a well, in which the existing diversion of the existing sewage pipe with a suitable device to a new collection well will take place. Then the rise of the sewage in the Pre-treatment Unit will be carried out through Helix Archimedes (Archimedes screw).

BUDGET: € 180.000,00 WITH VAT
CONTRACT: € 158,665.14 WITH VAT

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