Funded Program: SinCE-AFC


Enhancing the Entrepreneurship of SMEs in Circular Economy of the Agri-Food Chain (SinCE-AFC)

The circular economy is a new approach to economic growth models. It enables the use of one’s waste as an inflow of resources into the production chain of others, thus offering a longer product life cycle and a more environmentally friendly business approach. This system is set high among EU priorities. SinCE-AFC is being developed in conjunction with the current EU Circular Economy Action Plan and the corresponding national circular economy action plans in all EU countries.

Although the principles of the circular economy are already applied by many large industries, SMEs, which represent 99% of the business sector, do not participate due to lack of motivation and support. Thus, improving regional SME policies towards a more revised economy is of great importance.

SinCE-AFC aims to involve SMEs in the agri-food chain – production, processing, packaging, distribution and final consumption – in the circular economy by promoting appropriate horizontal management and financing mechanisms. All Agri-Food partners committed to production, processing, packaging, distribution and final consumption are expected to operate in a coordinated manner to better adapt to the circular economy.

This goal will be achieved through strong collaboration and interregional exchange of experiences from 9 partners representing 7 Regions from 7 EU countries. Partnership tasks will focus on exploring effective practices, through interregional thematic learning events, study visits, introductory workshops, stakeholder meetings and consultation processes, on how to improve relevant policy instruments to help SMEs enter the circular economy. The key results will be reflected in a joint study reflecting the relevant regulatory framework and good practices at regional and community level. ANATOLIKI SA is the main partner of the project while in the corporate scheme they participate:

  • ANATOLIKI SA, Local Development Company of Eastern Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • Region of Central Macedonia (Greece)
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna (Italy)
  • University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Hajdu-Bihar Country Government (Hungary)
  • Donegal Country Council (Ireland)
  • Wielkopolska Region with the seat of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznan (Poland)
  • South Muntenia Regional Development Agency (Romania)
  • Devnya Municipality (Bulgaria)

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Budget Project:€ 1,519,940.00 and will be co-financed by the European Program Interreg Europe
Duration:Its duration is 4 years
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