Information – raising public awareness


Awareness and responsibility of citizens for the reduction and rational management of waste is the critical parameter, to ensure and protect the environment and public health. Success in the effort requires social partnership, the creation of a substantial environmental awareness. The Solid Waste Management Agency for Central Macedonia through actions and environmental information programs seeks …

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Environmental education

It is of high importance to talk to children from a very young age about recycling and its benefits to teach them to love and preserve the beauty of nature, to contribute to sustainable development from the economic, environmental and social aspects. Given that environmental awareness starts at an early age, the Solid Waste Management …

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Participation in International and European Networks

The Solid Waste Management Agency for Central Macedonia participates in conferences and presentations for the exchange of experience and know-how in matters of rational waste management and new technologies. It is also a member of Interreg Europe’s CESME and BIOREGIO local program support team for circular economy models and optimal available technologies and is a …

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